Songwriting usually happens on Saturday nights. Or during heartbreak. Or when I am most definitely supposed to be doing something else. I write mostly on the guitar, one of my two hollow body electrics, unplugged, probably while in my pajamas. Sometimes it starts with the strings. Sometimes in my head. Then I say the date and play the newly emerging composition into my handheld voice recorder given to me by my parent's in my Christmas stocking.

Here are some of the solo songs that I have recorded at home on my four-track that have made their way out into the world. I have loved contributing these tunes to their respective compilations. Its like they each found the right home.

There are lots more where these came from, in my head, on tapes, under my fingers. Check back for new tunes soon! -Tara Emelye

"The Leap" from the Gold Kiss Gala Compilation, Dark Beloved Cloud Records, (2001)

"I Want the Old on the Dark Beloved Cloud Singing Catalogue II CD (2001)

"Plastic Bouque" The One Compilation, Shelf Life Records, (2001)

"The Only Boy I Know" Will There Be Time for Tea?, compilation, Morgan Leah Records (2001)

The following places may have copies of will there be time for tea? tweekitten or parasol.