"For me the Mad Planets remind me of being young. Or at least younger. Before cynicism. Before the 9-5 bled me dry of all emotion and creative thought. The days of anything being possible. You and me and the summer breeze. Driving from city to city. We would listen to the Mad Planets and marvel at the sheer pop perfection. To this day they are the only thing which keeps us connected." Corey Bowl

"Mad Planets' "Yr Version of Cool" is spiky and pealing, like a stripped down Lush or a less-oblique Sleater-Kinney." Glenn MacDonald

"This fits nicely onto that mix tape with Brittle Stars, the pre-über-gothic Cure (Head on the Door era), and all the other stuff that makes you feel happy and sad at the same time."Joshua Krause

"Since Mad Planets has been defunct for more than a year, you may question the point of releasing a retrospective from a band that few have heard of and none will hear from again. The answer, quite simply, is that the New York trio wrote some smashing music. Plying the same feminine variety of punk that made the Primitives one of my favorite late '80s bands, Mad Planets combines pogo-ready rhythms, smoky melodies and poetic lyrics...(read full review)" Ron Davies, splendidezine



Music Makes Me Think of You: a collection

Papercut records (PTC 006)

franny / eavesdrop / paperchase / yr version of cool / destination / super-8 / uninvited / phineas gage / gold monte carlo / california / befriending darcy / the love of my life / slice me on cheerios / happy morbid / learn to say goodnight / intrigue and division



Tara Emelye Needham - voice, bass
Erik Robinson - guitar, voice
John Kapp - drums

Music Makes me Think of You: A Collection (Papercut Records, 2001) compiles all cassette, 7’” and compilation releases, plus includes three previously unreleased songs. You can purchase Music Makes me Think of You at:


claire records


twee kitten



From the Compilation "Music Makes Me Think Of You:

Yr Version of Cool