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review of Music Makes Me Think of You by Ron Davies


Some of Tara Emelye's records, including Music Makes Me Think of You are available from the following find indie vendors:


RC: Listen to a full solo set that Tara Emelye performed live on WFMU as part of Douglas Wolk's Rhubarb Cake show. Scroll down the page past all of the other great acts to find her link! Then go back and listen to them


Heartcore Records L.A.based indie label. Home to winterbrief, addicted to fiction and soon the reverse! Queercore, electro-clash, punk rock, no wave, and more. Ed and Jill’s awesome San Francisco-based indie-pop label. One of the best, definitely check them out! Douglas Wolk’s delightfully eclectic label Seattle-based indie-pop label of the highest order Home to my favorite and more.

BANDS New Yorks best jangly shoe gaze. Pete Galub, supremely talented New York City Pop musician and songwriter, whose music has just the right touch of Lloyd Cole in it The on-line diary and website for those wonderful next-wavers, the one and only ‘my favorite’. They used to be Bunsen Honeydew, until Henson’s henchman made them change their names.
the amazing plaid Thomas from The Amazing Plaid and I work together at the SUNY Albany Writing Center, and this is his noisy band.

LES FEMMES EXTROIDINAIRE My friend Tami’s blog. Tami is a great songsmith who used to be in the Poconos Cupsize co-creatrix Sasha Cagen & co.’s new magazine, which launched the national QuirkyAlone movement. Hillary Johnson-sound engineer, dj, musician and more. Check out this renaissance woman. Photography by Lisa Gidley. Features her Station to Station series, an amazing photo project of all of NYC’s subway stations. (p.s. you also can find a portrait of Tara Emelye on her site!) Book artist Jen Savran’s wonderful press specializing in beautiful handmade editions of feminist works Urban glamour galore at independent clothing designer Elena Humphrey’s fab on-line store. Home to the original and fascinating art, design and graphics of Jill Bliss (also of Shelflife Records fame).

INDIE-LITERATURE AND POETRY Council of Literary Magazines and Presses. Search their member directory for contact info and website for hundreds of mags and presses. Fine nyc-based poetry magazine Connects you to Fence magazine, Open City, Verse Press and McSweeney’s, as well as a variety of literary happenings Books arts and contemporary poetry and prose, stamped with love, held together with rubberbands and twine Great used bookstore in North Adams, MA. Search for gems on their on-line store.