From 1994 to 1999 Tara Emelye was frontwoman for the post-new wave pop punk trio The Mad Planets. Tara sang, played bass, and wrote songs for the band, who released split 7”s with indie pop luminaries Low and Lois. After the Planets, Tara launched indie-rock duo the Reverse with drummer Tod “todbot” Karasik. The Reverse is releasing a full-length album in 2005 on heartcore records. Tara also spent a year playing and recording rhythm guitar for fellow native long islanders My Favorite.

Throughout all her musical collaborations, Tara has always written, recorded and performed solo material which is marked by its dark melodic quality and the dissonant beauty of her distinctive guitar playing. Many of Tara’s four track gems have appeared on compilations from labels throughout the country, including the One cd and artist book from Shelf Life records, the Singing Catalogue II and Gold Kiss Gala from Dark Beloved Cloud, and Will There Be Time for Tea? from Morgan Leah Records. One of her solo songs, “The Leap” was featured on and another song, “plastic bouquet” was covered by Swedish pop band the Shermans.

Tara has performed in many venues throughout New York City and New England including Fez, The Pink Pony, Great Lakes, Halcyon, Brownies, The Frying Pan,Yale University, Bard College and Amherst College. She also performed a solo set live on WFMU. Her recordings and performances have garnered reviews and write-ups in publications including The Big Takeover, Time Out New York, Bitch magazine, splendid e-zine, Ink 19, Magnet, and countless web and print fanzines.

The Mad Planets’ full-length retrospective cd, Music Makes Me think of You was released in 2000 by Papercut Records. While in Mad Planets, Tara was co-founder and publisher of the widely profiled grrrl zine Cupsize, which was featured in articles in The New York Times and Newsday and in an exhibit at the New Museum in New York City. Tara continues to write and publish essays and poetry, and has an article forthcoming in the premiere issue of riffrag magazine analyzing the factory-like interior design of many Starbucks cafés.>

In the midst of he musical endeavors, Tara is pursuing a PhD in English in Albany, NY where she teaches creative writing.